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Thursday, February 15, 2007


This post is dedicated for your suggestions. You are free to express what you like/don't like in the comments as well as suggest new ideas on how to improve it.

FCIH Bloggers


FTM said...

First am very proud of you all guys , you make an obvious effort and the content can be reached easily at same time..i like the idea of a group of technical writers together it is not wide spread in Arab blogging world you know.

but what about writing in arabic..i know am not convinced completely while am telling you this , but...there are many people need the technical content to be in Arabic..can you keep this one and make a sub branch in Arabic also

after all i believe although it is difficult to write in Arabic and will not make response in west world but we cannot develop ourselves without that way

oh god ! i wrote all this above , that is because i admire you all really


Ramy Mahrous said...

Thanks Fatma for your nice words.
ummm as you may notice we are a bit sleeping right now as we all working in our graduation projects, but I promise you, your helpful suggestion will be considered well.
Pray for us, we're looking forward more suggestion and if you see; we can do something in better way, please tell us how!
Many thanks, Fatma

Ramy Mahrous

Aya said...

about writing in arabic I think any developer who wants to keep going as a developer must deal with english all the time and any newcomer should get used to it.
I was wondering if anyone would like to share you your efforts how would that be?