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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Announcement: FCIH Initiative

FCIH Initiative….FCIH Revolution

If you love your country and want to take effective steps to raise Egypt
If you're seeking development, freedom, knowledge and science

So, you're a proactive Egyptian and FCIan and should join our FCIH Revolution
A revolution of knowledge, learning, working and a revolution of dreams

We're all together; FCIH Graduates and Students
We're all here to help each others; we're all here to develop our skills
Together, we'll have a better world, we'll have a better tom, and we'll have a better Egypt

We'll attend Technical & Business sessions to know
We'll be trained to learn
We'll do projects…and then we'll be ready to achieve

Let's join and train ourselves
Let's join and know the business world from experts from each field
Let's join and start building our future and career from now

Our program will be divided into three phases:
1-      Sessions Phase:
These sessions will open us a window to the business world, discuss technical topics and tell us about the world outside FCIH
2-      Training phase:
we'll have more than one training track, each track will be delivered and leaded by a group of experts in this track, we'll learn how to learn and how to apply what we've learned
3-      Projects phase:
After all this knowledge, it'll be our chance to do and achieve. We'll develop projects simulating business cases and deliver it according to modern software engineering methodologies used in real business by leading companies.

FCIH Initiative,
Don't wait the chance, create it


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