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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface is a forthcoming product from Microsoft which is developed as a software and hardware combination technology that allows a user, or multiple users, to manipulate digital content by the use of natural motions, hand gestures, or physical objects. It was announced on May 30, 2007 and is expected to be released by commercial partners in November 2007. Initial customers will be in the hospitality businesses, such as restaurants, hotels, retail, and public entertainment venues.


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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Microsoft Codename "Astoria"

What to know about Astoria
The goal of Microsoft Codename Astoria is to enable applications to expose data as a data service that can be consumed by web clients within corporate networks and across the internet. The data service is reachable over regular HTTP requests, and standard HTTP verbs such as GET, POST, PUT and DELETE are used to perform operations against the service. The payload format for the data exchanged with the service can be controlled by the client and all options are simple, open formats such as plan XML and JSON. The use of web-friendly technologies make it ideal as a data back-end for AJAX-style applications, Rich Interactive Applications and other applications that need to operate against data that is across the web.

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To download the CTP:

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Friday, May 25, 2007


Eclipse is a wonderful Java development tool, that i recommend all of students to use to develop their own code.

Eclipse is open source environment that give a great power over any other Java development tools in market.

Eclipse has a wide variety of plug ins starting from UML editors till visual editors.

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Monday, May 21, 2007

Microsoft Popfly

in the name of ALLAH

Popfly is the fun, easy way to build and share

mashups, gadgets, Web pages, and applications. Popfly consists of two parts:

1 : - Popfly Creator is a set of online visual tools for building Web pages and mashups.

2 : - Popfly Space is an online community of creators where you can host, share, rate, comment and even remix creations from other Popfly users.

To know more about MS Popfly visit Popfly homepage or the FAQ Press here
to Download MS Popfly Click here to download.

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