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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

MDC 2007 between good and bad

in the name of ALLAH

as all of us know that tom is the last day in the MDC , but i wanna Know your opinions about it
Is the MDC was useful for You This year ? ( plz explain the negative and the positive points in your opinion )
about my opinion ...

Negative : -
1 :- Few new subjects to explain ( in a comparison with MDC 2006 ).
2 :- Many sessions about VSTS.
3 :- Not all of the speakers were good.
4 :- they didn't speak about C# 3.0 and Poor about LINQ project.

Positive : -
1 : - i attended the Some of useful sessions like ( Phoneix and VSTS in day0 by Mr - Ahmed Bahaa )

2 : - the food was delicious :D.

waiting ur opinions


Ramy Mahrous said...

Thank you gamal for discussing that
so as you MSP, you can discuss our point of view to organizers.

1- The place is not the place for MDC.

2- Sessions should be more about VC++, performance, SE approaches via MS tools.

3- Totally wrong 4 sessions at the same place.

4- Do not deal with student as someone works 100 L.E. is much more.Students should be totally attend free of charge.

5- Buses, they have to deliver us from (Abd el mn2m ryad & Lebnon SQ. , etc..) Why they made that when bill gates was here!!!!

6- The way they deal with us in Keynote (some dl3,....) I see they laugh at us, I do not accept that at all even if from my favorite technology.
If I remember anything I'll post it here isA :)

Ramy Mahrous said...

*3- at the same time

thabet084 said...

عندك حق يارامي في بعض المحاضرات الواحد ما فهمش منها اي حاجه بالرغم من ان فيه محاضرات لذيذه

أما موضوع الأكل فما كنتش أتمني انك تفتحه لأن أنت ما حضرتش
يابني ده احنا أكلنا أكل أتذكر أنا أحنا أكلنا أربع أنواع من اللحوم والحلويات وكل ما تشتهيه نفسك
ما أقدرش أقولك اللا
Lunch at JDC in City Stars is open
تخيل بقي الشعب المصري وهو بيأكل بقي

Ramy Mahrous said...

@Thabet I am not the who wrote the article :)

Ramy Mahrous said...

Live from MDC07
They put a bootles of water for us they

Ahmed Essawy said...

Negative : -
1 :- the MDC website drops down for long tome .
2 :- No water or tea available to whom wants to drink anything .
3 :- I prefer surveys to be hard copy than soft .
4 :- there was no complete obligatory of Agneta time table.

Positive : -
1 : - most speakers were good.
2 : - competitions and prizes .
3 : - manipulating us was friendly