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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Smart Client Applications Part 2

Types of Smart Clients

Smart client vary in design and implementation so they can take many different forms and styles. These forms can divide into three categories:
· Windows smart client applications
· Office smart client applications
· Mobile smart client applications

It’s common that smart client applications target on one or more of these platforms, depending on the users and functionality required .such flexibility is one of the strength keys of the smart client applications.

Windows Smart Client Applications

To develop a rich client application, you may think to develop applications that uses available system resources and that provides a rich user interface.
Windows smart client applications represent an evolution of traditional rich client applications.

A Windows smart client application is suitable in situations where an application needs to be deployed and accessed as a familiar desktop-type application. These types of applications typically provide the majority of their functionality themselves but can integrate with or coordinate other applications when appropriate. They provide application functionality tuned to particular tasks to provide specific or high-performance processing or graphical capabilities. Windows smart client applications are typically most suitable for applications that run on desktop, laptop, or tablet PCs.

These kinds of Windows smart client applications can be used in a wide variety of situations, for instance as LOB, financial, scientific, or collaborative applications.
Examples of these kinds of applications are Microsoft Money and the Microsoft Outlook® messaging and collaboration client.

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