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Friday, February 09, 2007

The RSS in 5 minutes

The RSS in 5 minutes

The abbreviation :
RSS is a abbreviation to (Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication ) .

What is RSS service ?

RSS is a way to delivering the changing of a web site content . Many news-related sites, weblogs and any publishers syndicate their content as a RSS Feed to whoever wants it.( it is a XML format designed for sharing headlines and other Web content as in the example below).

To whom the service mainly ?
To all internet users that are visiting a large number of sites daily like (news sites , blogs and so on) that may be consumed the user’s time ,although not all sites update daily .From the RSS goals a try to decrease the internet traffic .

Are all sites support this service ?
no, until now , but most of sites support that .The number of sites offering RSS feeds is growing rapidly and includes big names like Yahoo News and

Are this service need a fees ?
No , it is free 100% .

How can I use this service ?
By using programs called as feed readers or aggregators can check a list of feeds on behalf of a user and display any updated articles that they find. It is common to find web feeds on major websites and many smaller ones. There are two type of Feed readers or Aggregators

  • Standalone programs , programs embedd in web browsers .
  • Web Based Newsreaders like google reader and NewsGator Online they require no software installation and make the user's "feeds" available on any computer with Web access.

screen shot from google reader

Feed representation
On Web pages, web feeds (RSS) are typically linked with the word "Subscribe", an orange square, or a rectangle with the letters or . Many news aggregators such as My Yahoo! publish subscription buttons for use on Web pages to simplify the process of adding news feeds.

Fast RSS 2.0 syntax via example :
RSS defines an XML grammar (a set of HTML-like tags) for sharing news. Each RSS text file contains both static information about your site, plus dynamic information about your new stories, all surrounded by matching start and end tags.Each story is defined by an tag, which contains a headline TITLE, URL, DESCRIPTION and pubDate. Here's an example :

The resources :


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