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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Source Control and Team Development Part 3

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Chapter 7

Suddenly some remembers that he has the flash memory that they used to transfer the last working version of the file. He gets is and replaces the non-working file, compiles, runs, and there it is. It works now. Still it doesn't have the bugfix that they wanted to restore.

They accept that, and prepare to go to college, each one thinking how they are going to hide that bug from being noticed, or how they would convince the professor to have mercy on them if he noticed it.

Later that night, each one of them have four feelings:
1- I hate programming
2- We can never make anything right
3- I won't spend much effort in such project again

The End

So what we have here ??
We have people who lost self-confidence thus will never be able to make something big, not because they can't, but only because either they don't want to, or they believe they can't.

So, what's the solution ? What do these people who make big software do ? Can this scenario ever be different ??

"Yes, sure it can be different, those people are just idiots!" Says someone smartly "They could've named the folders better!!"

Well, there is indeed a different scenario. But it is not like that smart one said.
This scenario is MUCH shorter than the former. It even consists of only one chapter.

To be con... Ops, sorry, I mean see the next article :D

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