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Monday, February 26, 2007

A reasonable solution for serious Game Programming

There is a very reasonable solution if u seriously want to consider game programming, I dont advise making ur own engine, unless u just want to learn, but its never a good idea to use it for production, coz u'll need years of hard work to make a technology that is several years old when its done.
Simply u can buy or get an engine for free (there are several economical & free engines on the net), concentrate in the game u want to make, & leave the engine issues to the engine programmers.
Even when they make a new version of it, u wont have any hard time updating ur game.
Current game markets are in serious needs for original ideas (I KNOW, I"M FOLLOWING THAT MARKET :D) so if u want to succeed in this business, u'll have to offer what it needs.
Dont reinvent the wheel if u want to make money, coz whatever u do ur wheel wont be more circular than the existing ones ;)

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Amr Eldib said...

This is a nice tip, but could you kindly tell us - non game developers - in brief what is a game engine? What it can do? and how we can find the free ones you mentioned.
Thank you.