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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Quick Overview on Linq project

in the name of ALLAH

Language Integrated Query or what we are calling it LINQ project .

first lets know the difference between Declarative and imperative query programming.

in declarative Q P : - u tell the system what u want, but u don't tell it what to do to find the solution. like the sql query ( select id from student where name like 'fci-h') here the system will get the solution with the best plan it can see it.

in imperative Q P :- use the imperative query in logic work, when u want the system to run with assigned steps ( do .... if ... else ... exit ..) etc.

before Linq project there were diferent ways to work with data ( data from XML files, data from database or from Collections like arrays and lists ) , but now linq project came with the Solution;
Linq project manipulate the data with the same queries Although its different type (from xml , db or collections ).

we have : - Dlinq - to work with the data from database.
Xlinq - to workwith the dta from XML files.
linq to object to work with the collections.

see this example :-
from c in .....
where .........
select .........

by this query u can select from(xml , db or collections) .

the Most powerful thing in linq project is Plinq( parallel Linq ) Plinq enables the system to decide the best execution plane in the multiple processor machines not me who choose the execution plane, and sure this give us the best Automatic memory optimization.

this was a Quick Overview on Linq project hope it be useful.
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My Resources : - Microsoft Documentation and silverkey demo day.

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