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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

#'s Family

There are two categories of Sharps: .NET languages and libraries. This list includes a sampling of some of each.

A#, a port of the Ada programming language to the .NET platform, is distributed by the Department of Computer Science at the United States Air Force Academy under the GNU general public license.

Cocoa#, a wrapper for Cocoa that works within the Mono environment.

F#, a mixed functional and object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft Research.

Gtk#, a .NET wrapper for GTK+ and other GNOME libraries.

J#, Microsoft's implementation of Java, which the company is in the process of phasing out.

Spec#, an extension of C# from Microsoft that has its own compiler that's integrated into the Visual Studio platform.

Sing#, a Spec# extension and compiler for Microsoft Research's Singularity project. Singularity is an attempt to write a completely managed operating system from the ground up.

X# (also known as "Xen" and now officially dubbed "C Omega") is an extension to the C# language (specifically the asynchronous wide-area concurrency Polyphonic C# language). It also provides a data-type extension for XML. You can read more here

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