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Thursday, February 22, 2007

How to design something?

I am not a designer, sure I am not.
But, through these years, I've learnt some tips, I decided to discuss that with you:

1- Before design a logo, search for logos in the same category, like if I assigned task to design a logo for Bank, first step I should do is to go to any search engine and search on "Bank logo" then review all logos then do my one (Do not steal, just see how other think!)

2- Read this, it contains a lot of logos, and more beautiful tips, really it helped me a lot, thanks to Amr Ghoniem who gave me it

3- Your design should be simple as you can

4- Try to read more about UI and its principles

5- You've to know what users like to see, your family is very valuable, you have to know how they interact with your software, because they are the users NOT YOU!!!


Hanaa Tag el Dain said...

hey i like that :D i will try ana 3omry ma 3mlt logo design abl kda
bs sd2ny 7grab :D

falcon787 said...

the link is not working

Ramy Mahrous said...

Just drop me an email @ and I'll send you it :-)