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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Some of MDC Day 3 Sessions (Exclusive)

Now, you can download some of MDC Day 3 sessions, you can also download some of MDC Day 2 sessions from here and some of MDC Day 1 sessions from here (I am sorry, you've to have Office 2007 or compatibility package to view it you can download it from here)

Web Client Software Factory

Interop with C++

Visual C++ 2005 IDE

p&p Mobile Dev

As soon all MDC presentations be available on MDC site we will announce that


ahmed elgafary said...

thank you Ramy

iam ahmed elgafary from assuit
i was graduated from assuit uni 2006

thanks alot for presentation

if u can i want talk u in private

thanks again

Ramy Mahrous said...

you are welcome, sure I do not mind, I've added you

Shereef Sakr said...

You can download Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats which enables you to read those files.

Mohamed Tanna said...

thanks alot ya ramy and now you can download all files from

mahmoud said...

thanks alot

Ramy Mahrous said...

Thank you we have provide that in the main post and each post

Ramy Mahrous said...

@Mohamed Tanna
Thank you so much.