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Friday, January 19, 2007

NetBeans 6.0 Milestone 6 available

Milestone 6 of NetBeans 6.0 is now available for download from the development builds section.
Choose 6.0 Q-Build to get it.

What's new and noteworthy ?

- Most Java EE features re-added to the build
- UI Gestures Collector
- Tomcat 6.0.x support
- Ant 1.7.0
- Profiler: Memory Profiling Improvements - mainly around heap dumps
- Profiler: 1.4.2 Profiling Support Removed - it is better to use standard JDK than JFluid VM
- New Network Proxy Settings UI what can be shared all over IDE
- Unit Test Libraries Node
- Maven project support


m-hewedy said...

I have downloaded and installed it but really I found Netbeans 5.x more convenient than it especially in Desktop GUI builder that heavily uses annotations that is a new topic on Java ( introduced in jdk 1.5 ) and also uses more new package to build its GUI instead of directly uses javax.swing as NB5.x was doing.

any java programmer who knows swing will need to learn new things to know how to deal with the new GUI in NB6.

My Personal opinion is that NB6 may be introduced new features than that found in NB5, NB5.5, but carry some complex things that you need to learn how to deal with.

This also the case when you deal with the web development adds-in that installed on NB, more user-friendly GUI builders with more complexities in the coding that make the developer can not understand the insides. I think this philosophy of NB was brew from M$ .

Myself, i will not switch to NB6 unless i need this.

m-hewedy said...

My opinion is that NB6 of course better in many aspects then NB5, NB5.x such as the code editor and easy-to-use DB templates but in Desktop GUI Builder, NB6 operate this portion more complexity.

m-hewedy said...

my opinion has been changed,
check it out here :

thank you

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