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Friday, January 19, 2007

Java Platform Overview

hi guys, hope you are all doing good.
I plan to post a series of articles about the Java platform, these articles aim at providing a general overview about the java platform with getting into very simple details about using Java technologies.
The main objective of these articels is to give java beginners a boost to quickly understand the java platform which is some how wide and complex in the begining. The Information in these articles can be found on the web but in a noncentralized manner which sometimes makes beginners confused.
I will use the same methodology that M.Nabil used in the C++ articles, at which the articels will then be assmebled to form one document.

The articles will contain the following topics:
1- What is java ?
- History
- Philosophy
- Criticism
- Syntax
2- Resources
- JRE ( Java Runtime Enviroment )
3- APIs
- J2ME
- J2SE
- J2EE
- Extra libraries.

As i said before, these topics can be found on the web, however, these articles are mainly directed to beginners, so they will be very simplified.

I hope people find these articles useful.


Mohamed Gamal El-Den said...

Great, We are Waiting . But plz i want to know . Why Java ?? I Mean Why Most People Say The OOP of Java is Stronger Than C# OOP (Hope To Add This Part in Your List )
Thanks Yousef

Anna said...

Great and Useful Article.

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