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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Advanced C++ part 6 : Advanced Memory Management part 1

This article was planned to talk only about "placement new" feature. But there is other interesting features in memory management in the C++ standard that are worth mentioning. So we will expand this article to a sub-series of articles talking about those features.

This (part 1) article will merely state the topics that will be discussed.

1. malloc and new, what's the difference?
2. Overriding new and delete (for a certain class or globally).
3. Placement new and performance tweaks.
4. Allocators.

Note: I've found some source on the net that contains some useful information: C++ Reference Guide; be sure to read the table of contents and browse through it (and you might find some information about linking too).


Ramy Mahrous said...

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Anna said...

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