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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

FCI-H rocked ImagineCup competition

Yes, FCI-H rules; whenever we are; we have the big share, last Saturday 12April 2008 ImagineCup local finals held in Smart Village and 2 teams from Faculty of Computers and Information -Helwan University- have won, they catch the first and the third place, and the first will fly to France to represent Egypt not just their University and we all hope for them the big success.
The first place team:
Mahmoud Hassan
Ramy Essam
Ahmed Galal
Abd-ALLAH Haza'e
The Third place team:
Mona Rageb
Ahmed Gamal
Yassmin Abbas
Ahmed Shawe'y
Congratualtion and really thank you; we are proud of you.


Sabrysoft said...

FCI Helwan on the TOOOOOOOP

Abdelmonem said...

FCIH Rocks ;)

ربنا يوفقهم قي النهائيات ان شاء الله