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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cosmos Operating System

Cosmos is an open source operating system project that aims to be completely implemented in CIL compliant languages, that is currently 100% C#. It signifies everything that is important in Operating Systems: Universalization, Security, and Simplicity.

Design Overview

  • Completely .NET based.
  • Microkernel or close hybrid
  • Configurable using modules
  • Cross platform architecture

User Kit

Build your own shell, build and deploy in 30 seconds or less! See for yourself. The basic steps are:

  1. Install Cosmos user kit
  2. File, New, Cosmos Boot project from within Visual Studio.
  3. Modify the entry point. The default project has just a WriteLine.
  4. Run (F5). Cosmos will now build a boot disk and ask you what emulator to use. Press 3 to use included QEMU, or choose from VMWare, Virtual PC, ISO, PXE and more!
That is all you need to do! User kit tutorial.

Video Demo

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