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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Wikimania 2008, Alex, Egypt, Call for participation Deadline is drawing near

Wikimania 2008
For those who visit my blog probably you know since long but I just realized that I (myself) don't visit my friends blogs, for more than a year, may be (long live Google, Reader.. or is it "Don't"

Anyway, I'm just making sure that you know that Wikimania2008 (which will be held on 17-19 July, Alex, Egypt) call for participation deadline is drawing near. It is March 16, 2008.. So if you want to attend as a speaker, hurry up!!

If you rather be a regular attendee -like me ;)- you'll have to just wait & keep tuned to the event page (that's )..

I waited.. so much for the organizers to make an FB event but they didn't.. so I'll :P ( as if it's a must.. lol)

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sh@dy said...

I just realized that Alex was running against Atlanta & Capetown for organizing Wikimania2008.. check the link below: