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Thursday, March 27, 2008


In the name of Allah,

Today I will present a common name or definition between networks administrator and we (as developers) may hear it specially if you are a web developer. It is a CNAME or CNAME record.

CNAME is abbreviated term to canonical name. CNAME is a record in DNS database to domain name aliases.

Any computer sure has a domain name (IP) to be visible throw the internet, but what about you if you want to call by more than one name (domain aliases )!!! What about your site if you want to change the old site’s name to new one and you want your site to be available for the users from the both the two domains (old and new name)!!!

How (as you see el NOT le ... googel NOT Google ) opens the right site (*le NOT *el)!!!

The all previous scenarios are done by the same way CNAME (adding DNS record for domain aliases)…

Simple example : CNAME CNAME

so any requests ordered as or will be serve to open .

you may browse Wikipedia’s DNS page for more information .

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