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Monday, December 24, 2007

WaZkker Al-mo'mnen (source code)

WaZkker Al-mo'mnen Program is an application changes the Personal Message of the current user only during praying times as a way to inform him and friends in the MSN list about praying times ,the application also supported (as an extra option ) with number of categories each of them have number of Azkar or Ahadeth to be displayed randomly ( 10 sec ) in non praying times (option) . This program support a huge number of cities and countries time zones all around the world .
Any questions or suggestions are welcome in the application's official blog . The application in Beta version ,
download it , please click to any of this two links .

To download the source code (C# 2.0) :


amicprofesor said...

gracias por el asunto

Ahmed Essawy said...

l2 ya kbten :D