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Friday, December 14, 2007

Adobe Scripting

This ability supported by Adobe to it's products or applications to automate and facilitate your work throw it's application .Assume the routine used to convert 100 pictures from *.jpg to *.bmp extension !!!! Why you should done it manually by hands which may take about 3 hours while you can do it automaticly by writing a simple script that do it in less than minute !!

As Marco in Microsoft Office Similar to Scripting in Adobe ( for automation purpose ) .

Scripting is a series of statements or codes that tells an application (of Adobe ) to execute task depends on it.
Adobe supports scripting or coding throw one of three languages that it supports .

In Mac system there are two scripts :
# JavaScript
# MacScript

In Windows system there are also two scripts :
# JavaScript
# MacScript

The "Adobe ExtendScript toolkit 2" is like IDE for scripting which offers all standard JavaScript features, plus a development and debugging environment, the ExtendScript Toolkit (ESTK) is installed with all scriptable Adobe applications like (Adobe illustrator and photoshop).

For more information and documentations visit this officially link :

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