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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sun Microsystems Developer Day

Finally, Sun Microsystems will make one of the developers days in Egypt-Cairo. Sun Microsystems is supporting the community world wide and support EGJUG in Egypt.
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1. Sun and Open Source
Discover how is Sun contributing to open source and find out about Sun's key open source initiatives such as NetBeans, OpenSolaris, Glassfish and OpenOffice.

2. NetBeans 6 - New & Cool
This session provides an overview of new tools available in the upcoming release of NetBeans 6.0. You will see demos of new Java editor in NetBeans 6, we will demonstrate various new features of NetBeans GUI builder in action and NetBeans Profiler which helps analyze performance of Java applications.

3. Technologies for Creating Rich Internet Applications *Creating highly interactive web applications is a must today. During this session you can find out how to use different technologies to create Ajax-enabled applications to provide better user experience for end users.

4. Introduction to Swing Application Framework and Beans Binding *Swing application framework and Beans binding are new frameworks which greatly simplify desktop application development. Together with NetBeans' Matisse GUI builder you can develop desktop applications much easier than before. All features will be again demonstrated in action inside of the IDE.
5. NetBeans Mobility Pack

Java is very popular by mobile applications developers. Discover what's new in NetBeans Mobility Pack, the ultimate tool for creating mobile applications. It's visual designer is not only easy to use but also very flexible and supports latest standards such as CDC and SVG.

Venue: Dar Al Defa' Al Gawy, Nozha St. Nasr City
Date: November 21st, 2007
Time: 10 am.

This event is open to developers free of charge. Places are limited, so please register early. All attendees are invited to stay for lunch. All pre registered attendees will receive a free NetBeans developer pack and T-shirts.