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Friday, November 23, 2007

The solution of the fedora 8 shock (swing doesn't work)

In this post we gonna show why does swing components? most of us tried netbeans ,but it awfully doesn't work with it. The reason is that , netbeans and swings are using the libx11 and there some thread safety operation the new version of this lib is doing that's why if you downgraded to the last version of libx11 you will find swings works will but of course it's not the ideal solution but of course there is another solution. The solution is to change the path of the libx11 in the which have shared native functions that calls libx11. we change the place of the used lib from the XINERAMA to the FAKEEXTN
using the sed command like this :


but where is this is different from jvm to jvm especially after the icedtea(icedtea is an implementation of the jvm by redhat ) so if you are using the jdk's jvm you will find the file in

and after that you can run your net beans setup of any program that runs with java


Shereef Sakr said...

Very good post. Keep it up :)

ReemA said...

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