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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Silverlight: Image Carousel(3d Album)

Here is my "HelloWorld" Sliverlight application as in below picture for carousel by Sliverlight with source code as GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE.

The original code is here by Shine Draw then modified and enhanced by me.
The following are new features which I have added:
  1. Added Slider bar to view all items by scrolling.
  2. Linked the (Slider) with mouse wheel.
  3. Added a subject label related to every selected Item. 
  4. Added the ablilty to move next by selecting an arbitrary item (mouse click to the corresponding item only).
  5. Added a projection effect to every non-selected items.
  6. Added control panel to setup metadata on running time. 
Here is the source code with comments.
All what you need is Visual Studio 2008 or 2010 and Silverlight 3 or more (click here to get Sliverlight).
No need to setup Microsoft Expression Blend, all effects are mathematics behind.

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