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Saturday, December 05, 2009

How to create a C# Class from XML file (via xsd.exe)

A friend asked me a couple of times about how to I created the class I used in “twitter common friends” to handle xml as objects (includes reading & writing back). Actually the tool (xsd.exe) is pretty simple & takes no more than a couple of commands to create the class for me.

It’s just that I usually forget the keywords/parameters & their order (you can create a dataset or class that can be C# or VB, & there’s a couple of other option I never used before). I usually refer to its MSDN page when asked..

So I thought a post would be easier to remember. First you should create the xsd file out of the xml, using the VS command prompt:

xsd myFile.xml

That will create “myFile.xsd”, now to create “myFile.cs”, write the below line:

xsd myFile.xsd /c

Now you can add the cs file to your project & use it as illustrated in my previous post.


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