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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Reading POP3 (secure) SSL like Gmail via C#

Friend of mine asked me about reading messages by pop3 protocol using C#code. After I did some search in Google I got a lot of pop agents that working fine but not with Gmail as it uses secure connection (SSL) so I did new search in google and sourceforge but most of them have exceptions or not working fine and this is the main reason for this post to continue work from the point I have stoped.

After a hard search in alot of pages I got two good result :
1- it is a good project (from this blog) have good description that implements the standard POP3 commands like authenticating, receiving stats, retrieving and deleting messages .

2-There are open source project called OpenPOP in sourefourge but have bugs and fixed (here) in this blog by Kiran banda,unfortantualy it have build errors but i fix it (here) but it needs some work to go live.

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Mohamed Gamal El-Din said...

Thank u so much for this effort. by the way, the sample in this blog is working fine.

r4 software said...

Thanx for sharing such information. On internet you can find dll files which have classes that uses mail server's outlook settings and helps to use SMTP and POP3 for your aplication.