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Monday, December 08, 2008

How to increase AIX swap space

"lsps -a"

This will display something like:

Page Space Physical Volume Volume Group Size %Used Active Auto Type
hd6 hdisk0 rootvg 512MB 1 yes yes lv

This means that hd6 is the logical volume used for paging. To increase it, use the following command:

"extendlv hd6 10G"

This will add 10G of space to hd6, now reboot and then re-run "lsps -a" or you can simply use the "topas" command to check the paging space available.


Steve Moha said...

Hi. I am using Aix 6 and mine has worked well with :

#extendlv hd6 4G

Arshad said...

Worked for me also.. I am using AIX 6.1

Anonymous said...

Now reboot? Are you crazy man??

Anonymous said...

chps -s 'X' paging00


smitty pgsp

NO reboot required!

Ali said...

use lsps -s

Anonymous said...

I wonder if to increase SWAP must stop the database cold or hot please!