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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Enabling remote access to Mysql

A very common problem when using Mysql is when you try to remotely connect to the server, the solution is very simple and direct.

1- find a file named "my.cnf", this file contains the server configurations.
2- if you find a line with this syntax "skip-networking", comment it by putting a "#" in the begining of the line.
3- if you find a line with this syntax: bind-address =, comment it as well, this line tells mysql to accept connections only from localhost.

now, you have to tell mysql who is to access the server with what permissions
1- login to mysql(example using root user name) : mysql -uroot -p
2- suppose that the data base we need to make available is named koko, so to make koko available to root with password 'password' at the machine with address we write:
GRANT ALL on koko.* TO 'root'@'' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';
3- then write : FLUSH PRIVILEGES;

Note: do not forget to restart mysql to reload configurations in the my.cnf file.

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