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Friday, September 14, 2007

Introduction to AJAX in .net Applications

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Introduction to AJAX in .net Applications

Fast tour in Microsoft Ajax Toolkit

In this lesson we will take a fast tour in Microsoft Ajax world. First we have to know what the meaning of AJAX is.

AJAX or Asynchronous JavaScript and XML is a term describing a web development technique for creating interactive web applications using a combination of: HTML (or XHTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for presenting information* Document Object Model, JavaScript to dynamically display and interact with the information presented* XML, XSLT and the XMLHttpRequest object to interchange and manipulate data asynchronously with the web server (although AJAX applications can use other technologies.

*** Wikipedia definition for AJAX at link:

Anyway it is a type of programming made popular with since 2005 by Google. It is not a new programming language but it is depends on good connection and using of existing resources to establish an interactive web-based application. Basically, it depends on divide web page into separate parts all of them can be re- loaded alone without interference with other parts.

One of the most famous Ajax-enabled web application is Google service. Also new mail service from yahoo and hotmail also supported with Ajax concepts.

How can I start working with Ajax through

Microsoft publishes Microsoft Ajax Toolkit to provide a simple tool can be used to benefit from Ajax technology; you can start by downloading tools through this link:

Or you can trace large amount of controls live through this link:

If you search for some useful tutorials about in general you can visit this link:

And especially with Ajax you can find video tutorials here:

you can have a fast start with Ajax using this video:

And this video for Microsoft Ajax Tools:

Finally, you can still build your own Ajax work from scratch using HTML (or XHTML) with JavaScript or by using old Microsoft technology (Atlas) which support partial processing for WebPages, you can find more about Atlas in this video:

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