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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Webservices in Orcas

One month ago, Microsoft announced the VS 2008 beta 2, I am using the VSTS version, really I noticed a great difference from VSTS 2005 and the 2008 as I didn't use the Beta 1 of VSTS 2008.

Anyway, I am planning to write about the new features of the VSTS 2008 beta 2.

Today, I was playing with webserivce on my Vista, and I got some problems.

First, to consum any webservice, you should run VS as administrator else you'd get this error:

Although, I run it as administrator I got another error that there is not any webservice on my local machine where I run the service:
I tried to develop my service under both types HTTP and File System and no difference.
So I got a solution, and I don't know really if this problem is a bug in VSTS 2008 beta 2 or I've done some mistaks, so whatever your webservice type HTTP or File System, when you adding a web reference to your project, point out the URL as like that:
After that you can use the service well.

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