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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Channel 8

in the Name Of ALLAH

Everyone knows Channel 9, right? It’s a great place Microsoft built more than 3 years ago for improving their level of conversation between them and developers around the world. Everything is about conversation and absolutely nothing about marketing.

Last year, Channel 10 also debuted online, creating a large community of people with passion for technology. Everything about music, mobility, photography, videography, gaming and new PC hardware/software.

And now, a new channel appears on the landscape: Channel 8. This time focused on the students who want to code, connect and create technology. It will be a place to share both news and experiences, find content of interest to students, and other stuff.

Again, Microsoft launched another website to possibly create even a bigger community.

At this moment, the website is still empty. You can only find a Joe Wilson video introduction to the new channel.

Go check out the interesting design, and check again in the coming months to find how much it will relate to us, the students...

This can be something very uselful for us...

Note : - This Post is one Of Microsoft Student Partners Community Posts

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