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Friday, March 02, 2007

Windows Presentation Foundation Part 3

In this post, I will speak about a new technology that is subset of WPF. It is called WPF/E that stands for Windows Presentation Foundation Everywhere. In the last post , I spoke about the WPF features. One of the most important WPF features is the deployment feature that helps WPF to offer XAML Browser Applications (XBAPs) besides standalone applications.

XBAPs are programs hosted inside a web browser such as Internet Explorer and help web applications to provide large WPF features to the users. So we have to install WPF on the client machines at first to use XBAPs.

But, the problem was: how building and developing web applications that must be accessible from other systems that don't support WPF and at the same time with great and modern interfaces like ones developed using WPF?!!!

WPF/E solved this problem as it provides subset of WPF features such as video, text, images, vector graphics and animations to different client platforms including the Macintosh, smaller devices and others and to multiple operating systems including Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Mac OS X and also to different Web browsers including Internet Explorer as IE6, IE7, Firefox , Netscape and Apple Safari.
WPF/E is based on XAML and JavaScript. WPF/E and WPF only share XAML presentation layer.

WPF/E provides video and audio as WMV, WMA and MP3.So, now using WPF/E enables you easily to stream interactive video to any browser without requiring any additional install or runtime as example: Windows Media Player is not required.

WPF/E also enables developers to easily integrate it within existing HTML pages and sites.
To enjoy with WPF/E, Download WPF/E" (codename) Feb 2007 CTP:

To know more about WPF/E and watch more demos and samples, follow this link:


Mohamed Gamal El-Den said...

So .. why MS didn't make its Site working with this technology till now ? i know that its not your business but may be this technology Contains Some disadvantages.

Ramy Mahrous said...

I think Microsoft uses WPF\E, as they updated their site before launching WPF\E with small period, I am not totally sure, but I think that

Rowyda Mohammed said...

Good Question Mohamed.But,I think that u replied on ur self as that's is not my business so i cannot determine exactly why it doesn't work wz it until now.But what I know that WPF and WPF/E are new technologies released by microsoft and we all saw these great features in vistaaaa.Sure,each technology has advantages and disavantages.But really i focused at this stage to know and learn about this new technology and its advantages.So,please if u know any dis advantages or any thing about WPF send them to us and let's open the discussion on that .I need your comments to know and learn more and more.

Mohamed Gamal El-Den said...

NOooo .. we are your Students Miss Rowayda ... this was a question i don't know its answer.but logically WHY !! isA Soon we will know :D anyway we are waiting more and more ..Good Luck

Rowyda Mohammed said...